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To avoid the broken brain syndrome ,most of us seek ways to improve or at least maintain the functioning of our brains . Symptoms of declining brain function are poor concentration, poor memory , and cognitive dysfunction in general . Symptoms such as these and many others are  seen by allopathic physicians as psychiatric disorders , manifestations of symptoms related to all forms of psychosocial problems and anxiety and or emerging depressive disorders . A good allopath will  run blood test and order any other medical screening tests they know to . The  body is seen as a bunch of organs ,hopefully working in some congruent order .
 As such the  treatments are usually antidepressants , anxiolytics or stimulants . Some may give some temporary relief but the side effects are horrible and the brain is never restored . .
  Natural medicine recognizes that the brain is an exquisite  10 billion dollar computer that communicates within itself at speeds far exceeding the speed of light. It is important to remember the brain works in conjunction with the rest of the body .  Our brains stay well when we have a healthy lifestyle including proper diet , exercise and sleep to mention a few . Naturopathic supplements are essential to the maintenance of   Brain Health .
 I recommend products like Brain Boost  and the CBDs . These products can be obtained at the
Dr. Robert Wilkie, MD