“The Helping Hands Fund”

“The Helping Hands Fund,” was started in 2017 to help individuals and families throughout the world with supplements and vitamins. With the rapid expansion of pharmaceuticals people have developed in many circumstances adverse side effects and addictive behavior. Veterans of military service, autistic individuals and the elderly have been most dramatically affected.

While a pharmaceutical solution may control a specific condition it may also lead to another adverse side effect. Pain in most circumstances is treated with opioids which can easily cause the prescribed person to develop an addiction.  Some of the medications prescribed by doctors for Type 2 Diabetics for years are now believed to cause serious memory damage.  The story about harmful pharmaceuticals continues to grow while the healing alternatives from supplement and vitamin study seem to demonstrate more positive and safe alternatives.  

Unfortunately, people may have only insurance plans that support pharmaceuticals or worse yet they may have no insurance. Acts Ministry, Inc. of Springfield, Missouri through its social assistance programs for groups defined as autistic, veteran or elderly is especially aware and concerned for their health care. With this background Acts Ministry, Inc. established a “The Helping Hands Fund,” for those with limited resources and medical conditions that are causing significant side effects due to pharmaceuticals. Moreover, subject to available funds “The Helping Hands Fund,” was expanded to serve others not otherwise defined but meet the above criteria.

The Natural Solutions Store, Ltd. is the servicing company that provides and delivers the supplements and vitamins approved by the “Approval Committee,” (Committee members are a MD, nurse and public advocate) to the people qualifying for up to a ninety percent (90%) grant. For further information and an application contact 4321actstreasurer@gmail.com